Praying for a miracle...

My name is Anna Polanis. My husband Joe, age 46, is in dire need of a liver transplant in order to survive. Without one, he will soon die.

My Joe has always been a strong, generous, loving man. Now, he is getting weaker with each passing day. It rips my heart our to watch him struggle with the things that were once second nature, simple and necessary.
Yet, he never gives up.

This man - my heart, my soul, my best friend - continues to try and stay upbeat and go on with life as normally as possible. He is never bitter and his determination is unwavering. I respect him more each and everyday for those beautiful qualities... and love him more deeply than I could possibly explain. I need him - as do our children and grandchildren.

We realize there are so many others just like him in need of an organ donor. Because of this, Joe believes he is not special
and sees beyond his own needs for help. Although, personally, he needs a life saving organ very desperately, we ask that you not only consider donating to save him but become a donor to help countless others too. Please help us in any way like giving free amazon gift cards as a gift.

You could save so many with your generous gifts!

Please realize that Heaven doesn't need your - or your loved ones - organs. They
are desperately needed here - helping Joe and others like him waiting for their
miracle of a long, healthy life.

The overwhelming need for more organ donors has grown to epidemic proportions.
But with heightened awareness and more donor participation, it is possible to put
an end to all of the waiting and suffering.

I ask you, please...
consider saving my husband with your generosity.

Joe is eligible for a partial liver transplant from a
live donor who would graciously direct their life saving
gift to him. However, in the event of an untimely tragedy, he may also accept a directed liver from a donor after
his or her passing. It breaks our hearts to consider accepting such a gift in the wake of the loss of another, but it is an option we must consider for Joe's sake.
Details of donor compatibility requirements may be viewed by clicking the "Organ Donor Information" link to the left.

If not for the sake of my dear Joe, please consider giving of yourself as an organ donor when you feel you are able to do so. So many are praying for your understanding, cooperation and selfless act of organ donation.

Please educate yourself on the process of becoming a donor. Some information and helpful links are provided elsewhere in our web site to help you get started.

Finally, consider telling friends and family members about this site so that
they too may realize how important becoming an organ donor is.

It saves real people, with real families
who love them very much.
More than 86,000 are waiting for organ donations. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.

Click the "Tell A Friend" button and spread the word.
Together, we can save Joe. Together, it is possible to help save them all.

Visit the "Links For Life" link to see the campaign's list of others with personal stories and sites of their own.

Thank you for visiting our site today.
May God bless you all.

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